Our Subsea Product Range

Linear forces up to 1500 kN

Linear speeds 0.15 to 1500mm/sec

Linear travel up to 2 metres

Rotary torque up to 40kNm

The Tech In Our Products..

Our electrical actuator systems require no pipes or additional cooling, so remove costly and messy leaks with greatly reduced maintenance schedules and minimising risk of downtime. Our goal is to provide you with the lowest total ownership cost solution.

We source the best possible COTS components from a range of different countries depending on your project requirements. All put together by our highly qualified engineering teams.

Our actuator solutions include features, options and standards including:

Absolute Position
(Patent Pending)

Fail Safe Options

API Standard 17F

Custom Valve Interface

Flow Meter Option

ISO 13628-6 API 17D

Pressure Comp
650 bar tested

Pressure Sensor

CiA 443
SiiS Level 2 or 3

30+ Year Design Life

Vibration Monitoring

IPC Class 3

No Maintenance

Visual Indication

DEF-STAN 59-411

Low Standby Power (1.1W)

Manual Override


Example Actuators:

OLX ST Series Electric Linear Subsea Actuator

OLX HF Series Electric Linear Subsea Actuator

OLX LC Series Electric Linear Subsea Actuator

ORX Series Electric Rotary Subsea Actuator

Custom Actuators, housings and connectors

OLX MIL Series Electric MilSpec Actuators