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Welcome to The Future of
Subsea Actuator Technology

Olsen Subsea Controls are leading the way in replacement of hydraulic fluid power with 21st Century modern electro-mechanical actuators and control systems with ultra efficient power electronics.

Find your perfect solution to applications in Subsea Control Valves, Submarines, ROVs and Tidal Power Generation with Green & Clean electrical power.

If it moves underwater, Olsen has you covered.


Low standby power 1.1W (Gallium Nitride FETs), at least 5x more efficient than hydraulics and 11x more than pneumatics


Light and compact products, components and complete systems solutions. High force density.


MILSPEC ready actuators and drives. Save money & time on certification and testing. Rugged and proven.


Designed & Manufactured in Cheshire. Supported by global supply chain. UK Testing and Service Centre.

Olsen supply you the most advanced solutions..

Olsen Subsea Controls lead the way, pushing forward electro mechanical motion control systems and power electronics. You will find an experienced team who are enthusiastic about new applications, novel requirements and world improving applications. We will support you to find and develop new solutions to help drive your project forward. If you have any questions regarding an existing application, or one in the pipeline, we are happy to communicate and share our knowledge.

Low Energy

Our actuators and drives are the most energy efficient COTS on the market. This means more power to weight in more compact packages, lower battery consumption and parasitic losses. We understand the importance of this to many subsea applications where space and power resources are at a premium.

Custom Options

Monel Housings, Stainless Steel Casings, Fail Safe Options, Flow Meter Options, Pressure Sensors, Saltwater Seals, Vibration Monitoring, Visual Indicators, Manual Overrides, Sealed for Life Options and many more.


Easy integration to a wide range of controllers and PLCs. CAN, Ethercat, Ethernet, Modbus.


•   API Standard 17F
•   ISO 13628-6 + Class 4 API 17D
•   CiA 443 SiiS Level 2 or 3
•   IPC Class 3 build standards
•   MIL-461 / DEF-STAN 59-411
•   MIL-901D & MIL-167B

Subsea Applications

Find examples of a comprehensive range of subsea applications. These are just a sample that we can share at this time.

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Subsea Products

Built using the most advanced and reliable components currently available in the market. Designed and tested to meet the highest standards.

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Our goal is to help improve the subsea industry through higher efficiency, low maintenance and longer life

Want to find out more?

Whether you’re looking for standard or custom actuators to build into your own systems, or for complete motion control solutions that include inverters, positioners, actuators and control systems, we can supply exactly what you need, when you need it. Moreover, you can be sure that all of our solutions are backed by our highly qualified engineering teams and our years of experience in actuator technologies.

If you have any questions, let's have a chat - 01978 227689