About Olsen

We have been providing the Subsea industry with highly specialised control systems since 2009. The founder, Piers Olsen, has built a team with decades of experience and success in developing solutions for challenging applications in the most demanding environments.

We consider ourselves a champion in the field of electric actuation globally.

Olsen provides you with the best electro-mechanical solutions. Trust our expertise, product quality and delivery for mission-critical systems.

You can choose to purchase a complete packaged solution or just the components and make the integrations yourselves. You decide.

Either way, you will be supported with expert knowledge and the right product for your application.

Over 10 years in the Industry...

You can place your trust in our four core principles.


We work with you to find the best solution for your application. Whether this is an off the shelf, modified commercially off-the-shelf or a completely custom made actuator, we can help.


At our Daresbury facilities in Cheshire, we offer full actuator design, build and test plus qualification and life testing.


You can achieve significant efficiency benefits in switching to the Olsen product range. When choosing electric over hydraulic or pneumatic power, significant energy savings will be achieved, maintenance will be reduced and running costs will come down. Let our passion drive your progress to efficiency.


You will find a curated range of products that deliver exceptional performance. We don't believe in shortcuts or quick fixes. If you are looking for a range of products that provide industry-leading quality, reliability and excellence, then we can help.


Enjoy strong, long-lasting relationships with Olsen. You get the dedication and support you require to make sure your order arrives on time and to the right specification. You can take advantage of our great support throughout the design, buying and installation process and again when you are up and running.


You deserve the best in class and to work with proven reliable long-life products which will offer +10 years lifetime with no headaches or maintenance. You can find the strongest, fastest, highest possible build quality for commercial off the shelf COTS technology. 2 years warranty as standard, optional extended warranty available.

Meet the team...

Piers Olsen

Managing Director

Helen Wilson

Business Development Manager

Adam Bargh

General Manager

Thomas James

Marketing Manager

Mike Jones

Senior Design Engineer

Chris Whitley

Technical Director

Chris Hewitt

Design & Development Engineer

Mike Clarke

Senior Test/Technical Engineer

Carl Bowden

Senior Technician

Georgia McKnight

Sales Administrator